What is ShoilyNet ?
ShoilyNet is the BTRC approved internet service provider powered by Shoily Cyber Garden. Shoilynet, the market leader who will provide a fresh new approach to our esteemed users to bost up their business. ShoilyNet always extensively to offer the most effective and efficient solutions to their client that also provides the best value for money.

Why Choose ShoilyNet?

First our commitment..
Better Speed, Better Stability & Call on Customer support make us the leader internet service provider over Faridpur. We prefer service to talk and that is why a number of customer are increasing at a significant rate.

Second our expertise… who we are?
A group of IT professionals who have been spending more than 12 years related to IT field (Internet service,Web service, Software Development etc.) and still updating themselves at a significant rate.

Our Vision
To integrate all of moderate people of Faridpur City to our network so that they can understand the real taste of unlimited high speed internet.
We believe, only high speed broadband internet can meet, all the challenges of today’s world.